CE Services

Educational Program Accreditation:

Accredit an oncology educational activity with us, through:

Live Activities

  • Symposia
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Other

Home Studies

  • Enduring Activities
  • Webinars
  • Collateral Materials
    • Newsletters
    • Proceedings
    • Monographs
    • Supplements
    • Other

For help designing, accrediting, and/or producing an oncology educational activity, Contact Us. For previous programs, click here.

Joint Providership:

ACPE-accredited providers may collaborate on content development with ACPE and/or non-ACPE accredited providers. When they enter into this relationship it is called Joint Providership. ACPE expects all CPE activities to be in compliance with the Accreditation Standards for Continuing Pharmacy Education and the ACPE Policies and Procedures. It is the accredited provider’s responsibility to demonstrate ACPE compliance through written documentation.

Qualifications of a Joint Provider:

Commercial interests cannot be accredited providers and cannot be joint providers. To maintain CPE activities as independent from commercial interests, the following cannot be in the control of a commercial interest:

  1. identification of CPE needs,
  2. determination of educational objectives,
  3. selection and presentation of content,
  4. selection of all persons and organizations that will be in a position to control the content of the CPE,
  5. selection of educational methods, and
  6. evaluation of the activity.

Letter of Agreement:

The provider should collaborate with the Joint Provider(s) in all stages of development of the activity, from planning, development, promotion, delivery, evaluation and revision. Joint Provider agreements must be developed to clearly define the working relationships between parties; include completion dates for various tasks; and recourses in the event that the parties involved fail to meet their responsibilities. Joint Provider agreements must document the ACPE-accredited provider’s responsibility to assure compliance with ACPE standards. (Non ACPE-accredited organizations cannot assume responsibility for compliance with ACPE standards; therefore, this responsibility must be explicit in the agreement.) While the two organizations agree to work together, final authority for all areas relating to the ACPE Accreditation Standards for Continuing Pharmacy Education will be retained by the ACPE-accredited provider.

Educational Design Process:

The providers plan CE activities using the following educational design process. The following items closely align with the ACPE Standards for Continuing Pharmacy Education.

  • conduct an assessment of the educational needs and identify the knowledge, skills, and/or practice gap of the targeted audience;
  • identify learning objectives;
  • provide guidance to faculty (to include the nature of the target audience, teaching methodology, development and use of instructional materials and learning assessments, and the development of appropriate objectives);
  • ensure that the Standards for Commercial Support requirements are met (relevant financial relationship disclosures, resolution of conflict of interest, commercial support and relevant financial relationship disclosure to participants, etc.);
  • review and approve all materials and information (including audiovisual aids and educational materials) so as to assure that the activity provides an in-depth presentation with fair balance and full disclosure; and
  • summarize feedback for pharmacists and/or pharmacy technicians obtained through activity evaluation forms.

For Joint Providership Agreements and/or Fees, Contact Us.

Event Management:

Promoting the program

  • We will promote your program using
    • Email blasts
    • Printed invitations/advertisements
    • Website posts
Managing the program logistics
We will manage the event from start-to-finish, including but not limited to
  • Room rental
  • AV and ARS (audience response system) set-up/production
  • Food/beverage coordination
  • Shipping
  • Registration
  • Enduring activities
For more information about how we can help manage your event, Contact Us.

Learning Management System:

Cutting edge technology capabilities with a Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Our LMS’ application programming interface allows for integration with applications and software, supports plug-and-play systems, and integrates seamlessly with internal and/or external technology.
  • Our LMS is integrated with CPE Monitor to allow for electronic submission, tracking, and monitoring of completed live and online programs.
Key features and functionalities include:
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Digital Personal Locker – allows learners to personalize and track their courses
  • Real-time continuing education credits deposited into the learner’s CE account within 24 hours — no waiting days or weeks

Find our link to our LMS Portal sites by clicking HERE.

ACPE Compliance:

ACPE (The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education) sets some of the highest standards in the healthcare education setting for obtaining continuing education. Stringent compliance standards are set forth by this accrediting body to ensure that a provider’s continuing education program meets a clearly defined educational gap, is fair, balanced, and unbiased, and provides outcomes that assure that all goals are met for comprehensive and effective learning. 

ACPE states that: “The purpose of the standards is to ensure that the provider’s continuing pharmacy education program has a clearly articulated mission, desired goals, and a planning process to achieve the mission and goals. The mission and goals must be related to the vision and educational needs of the profession of pharmacy to better serve our society.”

As recommended by the Institute of Medicine for all healthcare professionals, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must be educated to deliver patient-centered care as members of an interprofessional team, emphasizing evidence-based practice, quality improvement approaches, and informatics.”

We help our clients achieve ACPE compliance by:

  • Conducting Needs Assessments
    • A Needs Assessment is a process used to determine educational knowledge gaps. It summarizes the current state of a learner’s knowledge and creates a plan for how to fill the identified gaps.
    • A Needs Assessment is comprised of program planning committee deliberations, literature searches, environmental scans, and other methods for identifying educational gaps.
  • Conducting Clinical Content Reviews
  • Analyzing and Summarizing Outcomes
    • Evaluation of ARS responses and post-test scores to ensure desired outcomes were achieved
    • Review of post-evaluation survey for learner feedback on program effectiveness, perceived bias, and so forth
  • Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Transfer Awarded Credit Quickly
    • Learners receive their earned CE hours, reported directly to CPE Monitor, within 24 hours